A LEGACY OF GOOD LEADERSHIP AND TRUTH : Tolerance - Responsiblity - Understanding - Transparency - Honesty . MBIRI YEUTUNGAMIRI HWAKANAKA NECHOKWADI :

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  • Zimbabwe is a beautiful ,well resourced and educated nation whose rise and fall can be linked to bad governance. Zimbabwe Development Leaders (ZIDELE) or ZDL is a political party whose goals are based on TRUTH principles. ZIDELE ushers a new era of politics and energises Zimbabweans to be at the forefront of creating a Tolerant, Responsible ,Understanding, Transparent and Honest leadership.

  • ZIDELE is founded on basic principles that leadership in the home, school ,college, at work, at state house, parliament in church and indeed everywhere should be grounded in the people and not individuals. Starting in every home the role of family will be supported to build good leadership.




  • Freedom of speech and restoration of human rights and dignity will be a new culture.Laws that hinder on democracy will be a thing of the past.


  • Human rights will be respected according to Zimbabwean cultural values




  • All members of Parliament will reside in their constituencies.


  • The most vulnerable ,women, children and destitutes and those in situations of extreme poverty will be assigned specific Ministries.
  • The moral fibre of Zimbabwe as a loving nation will be rejuvenated and the role of church and positive cultural practices be upheld.


  • Appropriate legislation will be put in place to deal with issues like prostitution, in line with upholding the moral fibre and good culture of Zimbabwe.
  • Education that is in total collapse needs to be rehabilitated urgently and its dignity that churned millions scattered in the world restored.


  • All ZIDELE leaders' children will learn in Zimbabwe and any leader whose child is learning out of the country will have to relocate back to Zimbabwe.


  • A healthy nation physically, mentally and spiritually will ensure all health professionals are given space and enabling environment to perform their best.




  • Women will be given valuable opportunities to empower themselves and uphold the good aspects of the Zimbabwean culture.


  • The suffering and poor are going to be given special consideration.




  • Zimbabwe citizens will decide how much the President ,ministers and ZIDELE leaders should should earn, approve and decide on leaders' benefits.


  • The president and all ZIDELE party leaders will declare personal assets to an independent body chosen by the people before taking up office.
  • No luxury cars eg Mercedes Benz .Citizens will decide on the type of cars leaders should use.


  • Corruption will not be tolerated .Any ZIDELE leader accused of corruption will be suspended and is guilty until proven innocent.
  • The president will recommend excessive penalties for ZIDELE leaders and all citizens guilty of corruption.


  • ZIDELE will put in place a mechanism that will give voters the power to withdraw their votes if the President and his government fail to keep their promises.
  • The justice delivery system, the police and the army will be independent institutions guided by TRUTH principles among others.




  • Zimbabwe will not be at war with anyone and so national ,regional and international networking, cooperation and any peace building programs will be key to our founding goals.


  • Truth and justice programs will be instilled in appropriate institutions with psychological counselling and any such programs fully supported from community to national level.
  • The president will recommend life in prison or castration for child abusers depending on the gravity of the cases.


  • State house will be a go area for all Zimbabweans.
  • The President will be a regulator and overseer who will do what the majority of Zimbabweans want and not want she wants.


  • Once a month for the 12 months the president should visit one province for a meet the people tour and the ministers should meet the people once every three months and bring written feedback




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