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A LEGACY OF GOOD LEADERSHIP AND TRUTH : Tolerance - Responsiblity - Understanding - Transparency - Honesty . MBIRI YEUTUNGAMIRI HWAKANAKA NECHOKWADI :

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ZIDELE  strategists are responsible for devising, planning, coordinating, and executing strategies for influencing ZIDELE policies including communicating ZIDELE’s position to other political entities,governments, the media and public and developing ZIDELE’s relationships with other partners to advance our national and international political growth.The strategists are creative thinkers and leaders who are willing and are able to embrace the people’s views in building a strong support base for ZIDELE.They  help to build respect for ZIDELE principles and abide by the principles to ensure the dignity to which everyone is entitled to as they work to stem intolerance, tyranny, and violence.They liaise with directors and staff of other departments to define and execute ZIDELE’s political agenda and sustain its principles and existence.They develop ZIDELE’s capacity to understand and track internal and external conditions and to anticipate political trends and emerging human rights issues. 

Providing input into the planning process for all ZIDELE programs and initiatives to develop achievable objectives and effective political agendas and activities is another key area they deal with.Our strategists coordinate, evaluate and guide on strategies to advance specific ZIDELE objectives including written and oral advocacy,initiating development programmes, and promoting priorities, policies, programs and initiatives that cement our party.  Our strategists are the go-to staff people  for all things political, so part of the job include advising other staff members on the political process and how their jobs affect the political strategy thus making them aware of political events.

They also lead ZIDELE advocacy efforts directed at specific goals,policies and programs watching closely activities of other political parties by regularly meeting with our members and supporters and attending meetings with our executive officers, and coordinating ZIDELE programmatic work with these groups. They reachout to other  organisations to develop partnership opportunities.

By working with communications specialists to encourage a stronger public profile of ZIDELE’s work through media outreach, including traditional and new media ways,to advance our vision, values, and strategic goals to key internal and external audiences our strategists advance our principles and goals in relation to the needs of the people.Their tasks include organising constituents around a central agenda including recruiting relevant people to run for elected office in key jurisdictions.They also provide mentoring to ensure the ongoing development of our party is strategically set as they develop effective policy recommendations and keeping ZIDELE leaders and other staff informed of policy opportunities and developments for all areas of our work. 

To become a ZIDELE strategist one has to have a strong and seasoned track record of effective advocacy, sound political judgment, and creative strategizing in addition to excellent verbal and written communication skills including experience communicating with the press and other media. A relevant first degree or graduate degree in international studies or politics and administration is required.






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